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Xiamen GuoTaiYaYi Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

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Home rehabilitation is a service platform for mobile medical before China's first for all kinds of disease of disease, postoperative, postpartum recovery, providing patient, diagnosis, after attending a one-stop disease patients.
Anytime, anywhere online consultation appointment famous doctor of hospital, professional home rehabilitation nursing service, near chain famous drugstore, pharmacy home delivery service, establish personal health records and rehabilitation guide knowledge learning, appointment of well-known hospital in Beijing, Shanghai, tumor, bone disease, cerebral palsy, epilepsy experts outpatient.
Come to provide the following functions:
[online seek advice] users through the hospital, doctors, departments and select doctors for consultation or hospital appointment registration, establishing personal medical record clamps for online consult a doctor diagnosis.
[home] for all diseases of the disease, after surgery, postpartum to provide professional rehabilitation teacher home service.
Nursing home, for the postpartum, postoperative, after the disease, pregnant women, children, the elderly and other special groups to provide convenient living home care services.
[home] all drugs from the real name in the vicinity of the real name chain pharmacies, pharmacies to ensure drug safety, a single key to send a single door. Free consulting pharmacist, no longer worry about wrong drugs.
[appointment of experts] appointment Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, West and other national well-known hospital expert outpatient service and hospitalization, don't worry appointment is not well-known experts, registration, accommodation, catering, transportation, hospital and other one station type line full VIP accompanying consultation service.
[rehabilitation guidance] palm life health information, knowledge of rehabilitation in real time, the home of self rehabilitation guidance video.
Customer service Tel: 400-991-6868
Official WeChat: guotaiyayi
Official micro-blog: Home Rehabilitation

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