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Solarvista LIVE

Version 6.11.4

Content Rating 4+

User Rating 4 / 5

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Solarvista LIVE

Solarvista Software Ltd

Business, Productivity

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Solarvista LIVE enables jobs/tasks to be sent to field operatives and allows the tracking of status, the addition of notes, capture of signatures as well as the tracking of time through configured workflows stages. This application has a demo mode which facilitates the evaluation of the app without needing any account or configuration.

NB: To use the application in a real world scenario, for example, with Solarvista’s service management system, Solarvista 8.0, you will need to contact us to create and configure a Solarvista LIVE account.

• Multiple jobs/visits views
• Seamless on-line & offline working
• Fully integrated with device capabilities where available (e.g. maps, email, phone calls)
• Support for multiple business processes (workflows)
• User-centric personalisation
• Multi-organisation support
• Signature capture
• Notes capture
• Status update

Release notes

- Support for new work item template field types.
- Fixed issues with multi-section form navigation.
- Multi-line text control: Added confirmation step before dismissing with unsaved changes.
- Fixed issue with picking a search result (first selected match would remain regardless of scrolling to a different match). You can now scroll to the desired match and tap the Done button to select it.
- Other minor bugfixes.

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